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Our Vision of Restoration

Restoration Scholé members seek… …To do all to the glory of God, …To be the best stewards of the treasures (children) God has given us, …To encourage our children’s individual and atypical gifts and talents, …To urge our children and each other on in faith, diligence, and excellence, …To nurture a Christ-centered, diverse, and globally-mindedContinue reading “Our Vision of Restoration”

Our Culture of Restoration

Restoration Scholé members… …comprise a diverse, multi-racial community …are unapologetically Christian …point each other to Jesus …seek restful learning without compromising rigor …are dedicated to developing a global mindset in our children, rooted in Christ …desire to integrate perspectives from non-Western cultures into the pursuit of classical education …are seeking to raise leaders who willContinue reading “Our Culture of Restoration”

About Bethany, Sara, and Gina

Bethany is based in middle Tennessee and homeschools 5 children, ages 3-10. Follow her on Instagram @_bethanyhoover

Sara is based in rural western Minnesota and homeschools 2 children, ages 9-11. Follow her on Instagram @saraverhuel

Gina is also based in middle Tennessee, and homeschools 2 children, ages 1-9. Follow her on Instagram @oaxacaborn


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